About Kornwill Designs

Kornwill Designs is an innovative design, development and marketing firm that helps clients standout in the digital and local marketing space by recognizing that we live in a technology focused and socially connected world.

Kornwill Designs specialize in multichannel user-centric design solutions combined with social media, strategy/research, and development that aid our clients with a total brand identity that reaches their customers with a solid and consistent message.

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Kornwill Designs also has a strong presence in New York City and Los Angeles allowing our team to build strong, lasting relationships with all our client’s nation-wide. Strong relationships and the commitment to our clients is the key ingredient in creating successful designs and solutions that will exceed our client's expectations.

Founding Partners

Catherine A. Beck (Utecht)
Principal/Creative Director, Founder

Catherine Beck is founder and Principal/Creative Director of Kornwill Designs. Catherine launched Kornwill Designs in 2001 with a vision to provide innovative visual communications with superior client service and to fulfill the imagination of our client's marketing needs. Over the years, Kornwill Designs has grown from a design boutique specializing in print and web design to a company providing full service design, marketing and business consulting solutions.

In addition to founding Kornwill Designs, Catherine’s professional career has included working in leadership roles responsible for the design and development of e-commerce solutions for leading software, gaming, and consumer electronics companies. She has also worked in the areas of brand identity, user experience architecture, search engine optimization, and project management.

Brandon K. Beck
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Partner

Brandon Beck is Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Partner of Kornwill Designs. Brandon is responsible for the national sales and marketing of the company as well as overseeing the consulting solutions for sales, marketing, event management and business operations. Brandon joined Kornwill Designs in 2005 with aggressive goals in revenue and national client acquisition which lead to our business expansion in the New York and Los Angeles areas as well as our home market of Minneapolis.

Brandon brings over 13 years of marketing, sales and operations experience managing large teams in primarily the communications, technology and customer service industries. Brandon was also the Founder of LoopDesk, an online B2B networking site with members worldwide which was sold in 2013.